C-CAP Prime: Talent Democracy through Bringing, Building and Bridging Talent

Today’s business world has changed significantly. It is more competitive, focused, technology-driven, time-bound, customer oriented and inevitably cost has a major role to play in all the aspects. But there is always one thing that has been common since ages i.e. Talent. “Talent is what everybody needs and People are what everybody wants”. It’s a mix of cross-functional talent that makes business turn into success stories. At the end of the day, it is the talent that drives the business directly or indirectly. Although companies know the importance of talent, they are still not sure where to find them. There is always a run for the talent, but unfortunately, this race does not have a destination. When we talk about “Talent” there are only two options to bring them on board; first is to find and hire them, second is to train and hire them. The first option is like being a part of World War and the second option is no lesser than stepping into a World War. In this highly competitive environment where the timeline is a major factor determining the bottom-line, companies find it difficult to find the talent which can be brought straight to work. And as they are about to start, they are taken aback by many questions; should we invest in training? What if the trained resource does not match the expectations at the end of the training program? What about the cost incurred in terms of training? What if we do not meet the success ratio? What are the resource scalability options available and the cost attached to it? How about the stability in terms of the newly trained resource? Is the training provided enough? And last but not least, the biggest boomerang of all, where to find industry-ready talent?

On the other hand, the dormant talents in the market have their part of the story. The biggest problem in case of Individual is that they know the problem but unfortunately, they are not sure whether the solution or solution provider is genuine enough to help them overcome the current situation. The dormant talent in the market always has many questions occupying their mind, is only Training enough for me to be a part of the industry? Will I have enough exposure to contribute to a company’s success after training? What if I do not get a Quality Training? To get a job I need experience and to get the experience I need a job, what to do?

The one-stop solution to multiple entities is “C-CAP Prime” which is one of its kind professional learning programs; this program aims at 360-degree development of an individual by transforming them from a simple graduate to an Industry Ready Professional. It is a mutually benefiting proposition for the Individual as well as for the Industry. C-CAP Prime is a win-win as it solves the biggest mystery of the talent world in terms of an individual viz “Is only getting trained enough for me? “. It also provides Industry, the cushion in terms of locating the right talent having the Industry knowledge, corporate attitude and skills with hands-on practical experience. An all win proposition for the Industry to find and hire the talent at one place, helping them in saving a great deal of time, money and efforts.

C-CAP aims at Bringing, Building and Bridging the talent. It acts as a multifaceted solution which contributes to an Individual in terms of an assured career and caters to the job ready fresh talent needs of the Industry. CliPLab initially looks for the trainable individuals belonging to a life science or statistics background. They can be graduates or Post Graduates, experienced or fresher. The individuals go through a screening which is designed as per the basic aptitude, attitude and interpersonal skills which are essential to have a successful career in the industry. CliPLab “Bring” the shortlisted candidates on board.

Now the second phase of “Building” talent begins. The candidates are trained on the authorized software and in a similar corporate environment as in actual. The training is conducted by Industry professional, helping the candidates to learn the actual challenges faced by the professionals in their day to day work. It helps them in developing an outlook which is essential learning for them at this point in time. The candidates are not only limited to training. They are also exposed to different case studies and projects to work on, this gives them an opportunity to apply the knowledge they have gained so far. It provides them an overall exposure in terms of having hands-on experience which results in being industry ready.

The third phase of “Bridging” starts now, and by this time the candidates have hands-on practical exposure and learning backed up by the outlook and core understanding about the Industry.  Just another normal trained candidate is now transformed into an “Industry Ready Talent “ready to be absorbed by the industry. Due to the knowledge, past experience and learning, the C-CAP Prime always has an upper hand in comparison to the merely trained resources available in the market. C-CAP Prime is the perfect mix of knowledge, attitude, skill, habit, and experience to be absorbed by the Industry.

By: Peyush Rajput

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