Ajay Sathe

CliPLab Head

If you are a career aspirant, I want to tell you why the Industry needs you, and how we at CliPLab will groom you to get there. If you are a recruiter working on strengthening your Biometrics team, I want to tell you how you can tap CliPLab to great advantage.

Cytel was born with a motivation to create a difference in human lives through the use of science and technology. Over 32 years, while many milestones have gone by, our guiding principle has remained steadfastly unchanged. Each of our endeavours has been born from industry needs that could be addressed with ingenuity coupled with commercial viability.

CliPLab is no exception. The initiative was launched to bridge the yawning gap in talent availability. The Clinical Trials services industry is pressured on the twin dimensions of cost control and accelerating demand for faster drug development. This spells a major challenge for the Industry and therefore a major opportunity for competent professionals. CliPLab has an enormous role to play in this scenario. (source: einnews) The global Bioinformatics market is forecast to reach US$13.5 billion by the year 2023, and a considerable allocation will go toward making Drug Development more efficient and cost-effective. Advances in Genomics, Personalized Medicine and Risk-based Monitoring will spur increased investment in technology and innovation in services. I anticipate India (and more generally Asia), with its large pool of young, talented human resource, will spearhead the growth of this segment.

Today’s industrial environment is stimulated by collaborations and strategic alliances. CliPLab aims at tapping this trend by building a symbiotic ecosystem of professionals, academicians, and employers that will unlock the synergistic value for every stakeholder.

I am proud to note that our journey so far is guided by a foundation of values that have produced the far more tangible result than high-profile advertising by the opportunistic ‘training’ industry. This is very reassuring and gratifying. While horizons will change, our guiding principles will stay rock-solid.

We at CliPLab are delighted to be creating hundreds of flourishing careers. I believe that our participants are our brand ambassadors who will continue the legacy of giving back to society in their own ways. I invite you to explore our little world and consider becoming a CliPLaber. This may well be a turning point in your professional life!