Why CliPLab?

Take charge of your career

The Drug Development services industry is one of the fastest growing sectors in which India supports global needs. There is a shortage of skilled talent to fuel this growth. What does this mean to young graduates? For talented and qualified professionals, this means a powerful career launcher, on the background where jobs for freshers are ironically scarce, even though there is a shortage of talent. Build an unmatched competence and an unmatched career will follow. Get yourself the CliPLab advantage and take charge of your career.

CliPLab has developed a host of unique and customized job-oriented courses that help you gain expertise, enhance your credibility as a technical professional and provide the relevant practical and theoretical knowledge of the domain. The fact that the training modules are designed and delivered by experienced programmers means that you develop competence that is readily deployable.

Key Differentiators of CliPLab

CliPLab is truly unique – there really isn’t another company that matches up with what we have on offer.

  • Courses are designed by Cytel with over 30 years of rich and variegated experience in Clinical Trial Analytics.
  • Faculty members are not only trainers; they are also Cytel’s experienced statistical programmers.
  • Students learn to tackle real-life situations such as imperfections in data and programming specifications.
  • We cover all aspects of projects, such as meetings, discussions, specifications, clarifications and Quality Control; going much beyond the programming part.
  • You are better equipped to face job interviews, with Industry-recognized Internship Certificate and Experience letter to establish your credentials. We also groom you for interviews.
  • Genuine Learning using Authorized and Licensed software.